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Are Unfair Online Ratings and Reviews Damaging The True Value Of Your Medical or Dental Practice?

We provide Affordable Online Reputation Management for busy Healthcare Professionals, through truthful, positive patient reviews.

 Who We Are

We are a team of Healthcare Professionals, passionate about optimizing Healthcare. We have had excellent success with over 300 Physicians and Dentists growing their practices by having positive online reviews. We assist you with countering negative online reviews.

 What We Do

We assist busy Medical and Dental practices with the time-consuming task of monitoring and countering negative reviews on their online profiles.

We will manage and defend your online reputation, effectively and confidentially.

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How often have you seen negative reviews or abusive comments about you, your practice or your staff and not been able to defend the accusations or have them removed from online websites? We are deeply concerned about how the medical profession has been targeted by unfair, online ratings and reviews which do not reflect the true value of their practices.

Unfortunately, many people look at online reviews when they want to see how competent a doctor is or isn’t. The majority of these unfair reviews come from disgruntled employees or patients who have unrealistic expectations of the doctor’s time and care. Negative and untruthful reviews very seldom get removed from these online websites. Threatening legal action or getting medical associations involved does not help.

We have found that what does work is to counter negative reviews with positive, truthful patient reviews.

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Your star rating will be improved and more positive reviews will show up on your profile.


Do we tell our patients that the reviews will be posted online and are patient details ever disclosed?

Yes, you may tell them. The template states boldly that the reviews may be used for marketing purposes and to improve service levels at the clinic. If any review contains a patient’s name or any information that might identify them, we will not post that information.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No contracts are signed. You may cancel at any time.

What are the benefits of using your service and how quickly can I get signed-up and have reviews posted?

Besides increasing your star rating on RateMDs, your profile will be filled with positive reviews and attract patients to your clinic. Upon signing up with us we typically post within 12 hours and reviews show up immediately.

How long has your business been in operation?

GlowingMDs was formed in 2016 to assist doctors with countering negative, untruthful and sometimes libelous, online comments. To date we have assisted over 300 doctors and dentists reclaim their reputations.

Why can I not collect the reviews from my patients and post them online myself or contact rating sites directly and have them remove the negative reviews?

You can very well do that, but firstly, do you have the time available, and secondly, our software allows us to post multiple reviews. We also monitor your profile and notify you of any negative reviews being posted. Our experience has been, because reviews are posted anonymously, rating sites generally do not remove any negative reviews posted.

How many reviews will be posted?

We generally post 10-15 reviews per month. But if you would like us to post more or fewer in a month, let us know.

I have another question.

Great! Contact us at and we’ll do our best to answer it for you!

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